Aromatherapy Synergy Half Pack


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Half Pack #1 contains Celebrate & Uplift, Courage & Confidence, Energy & Vitality, Balance & Harmony, Immune Boost and Vigour & Spice.

Celebrate and Uplift synergy blend

The perfect blend to honour and celebrate life and uplift your spirits.

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Courage and Confidence synergy blend

To elevate self-esteem, increase courage and boost confidence, this beautiful blend is the perfect combination to take on warrior status!

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Energy and Vitality synergy blend

A blend to revitalise and energise at any time.

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Balance and Harmony synergy blend

This blend will bring stability, balance and strength.

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Immune Boost synergy blend

This potent combination of Eucalyptus, Lavender, Tea Tree, Cedarwood and Pine is perfect for strengthening the body's immune system to get you back on top fast and feeling great.

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Vigour and Spice synergy blend

This cheeky blend is the one to create a little fun in your life.

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