NZ$ 185.00

The ultimate, easy to use, 3-step daily facial.

NZ$ 175.00

A powerful range of products as an add-on kit to our 3-Step Daily Facial

NZ$ 113.00

An add-on kit for men that promotes natural, chemical-free skincare.

NZ$ 165.00NZ$ 170.00

An add-on kit for when when some extra self care is required.

NZ$ 63.00

A wonderful selection of everyday products for the entire family to supplement our 3-Step Daily Facial

NZ$ 100.00

An add-on kit for teenagers to support their whole body skincare needs.

NZ$ 499.95

Normal/Dry/Mature skin. The ingredients have been chosen especially to calm and sooth, nourish and rejuvenate the skin. All the products are designed for sensitive skin and although very gentle are highly effective.

NZ$ 243.95

For all of your skincare, health and emotional needs whilst on the HCG  we have the Complete Skincare and Wellbeing Kit.

NZ$ 187.95

For all of your skincare needs whilst on the HCG protocol we have created the HCG Skincare Basics Kit.

NZ$ 129.95

The HCG Spritz & Face Kit is the ideal products for the face whilst on the HCG protocol.

NZ$ 499.95

The Balance range supports normal, combination and oily skin types.