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This is the perfect serum for your daily body boost ritual to help stimulate weight-loss and bring awareness to your new, healthy and dynamic body.


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An exquisite serum containing jojoba fluid wax, rich in esters to protect the moisture component in the skin, blended with specifically chosen essential oils to cleanse, nourish and balance the skin's sebum without absorbing fat into the bloodstream


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For all of your skincare, health and emotional needs whilst on the HCG  we have the Complete Skincare and Wellbeing Kit.


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For all of your skincare needs whilst on the HCG protocol we have created the HCG Skincare Basics Kit.


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The HCG Spritz & Face Kit is the ideal products for the face whilst on the HCG protocol.


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A trans-dermal spray traditionally used to slow the aging process, relieve pain, discomfort and illness and promote health.

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Oil free skincare to help fight the signs of ageing