All our products are made using only the finest 6-star certified pure organic essential oils. We do not use synthetic analogues, nature identical oils or synthetic aromas. Our oils are pure, powerful plant extracts that can help you get back in touch with the healing power of nature and experience all the benefits of aromatherapy.

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Pine is one of nature’s secret weapons for the first aid kit. May assist with coughs, cold, flu, asthma, muscle aches, poor circulation, mental fatigue, emotional fatigue, arthritis and kidney exhaustion.

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Rose is an exquisite oil considered to be effective for all areas of life: body, mind, spirit. May assist with emotional wounds, stress, fear, anger, anxiety, hormones, dry skin, detoxification, weight loss, childbirth and as an aphrodisiac.

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Rosemary is your activating oil, it is one of the most stimulating and awakening essential oils. May assist with mental exhaustion, memory, muscle aches, respiratory conditions, poor circulation and hair growth.

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Sage is regulating, cleansing, protecting and deodorising. May assist with colds, flu, muscle aches, depression, grief, loss of appetite, menopause and sweating.

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A very grounding, reassuring, stabilizing and strengthening oil. May assist with cystitis, cracked skin, itchy skin, stress, tension, respiratory problems, sore throat, meditation and prayer.

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Refreshing, restoring, stimulating and uplifting are ways to describe this gorgeous oil. May assist with digestive aid, constupation, mental strain, mental fatigue, sinus, asthma, acne, dermatitis, eczema and nausea.

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Vetiver is regulating, strengthening, relaxing and grounding. May assist with dry skin, skin regeneration, pmt, pms, menopause, hormones, stress, anxiety, shock, trauma and insecurity.

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Wintergreen is a highly anti-inflammatory and pain relieving oil but due to its high methyl salicylate levels should only be used as a liniment in sports type blends. May assist with arthritis, muscle aches, cramps, spasm, tendinits and hypertension.

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Ylang Ylang has an exotic and uplifting aroma. May assist with irritability, impatience, anxiety, depression, combination skin, pms, pmt, frustration, anger, grief, self-confidence and as an aphrodisiac.