All our products are made using only the finest 6-star certified pure organic essential oils. We do not use synthetic analogues, nature identical oils or synthetic aromas. Our oils are pure, powerful plant extracts that can help you get back in touch with the healing power of nature and experience all the benefits of aromatherapy.

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Basil is an uplifting oil which has a clarifying effect on the brain. May assist with mental fatigue, muscle cramps, sinus, and digestion.


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Bergamot is a refreshing oil. May assist with anxiety, nervous tension, depression, skin conditions, eczema, and urinary tract infection.


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This strong, warm peppery oil is known for its analgesic and antiseptic properties. May assist with colds, flu, sore joints and muscles, bruises, emotional weakness, digestion.


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German chamomile is very similar to Roman chamomile with a more medicinal accent. May assist with mental inflammation, arthritis, dermatitis, muscle pain, hay fever, skin problems, period pain, anger and frustration.


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Roman Chamomile is considered one of the gentlest of all oils. May assist with stress, emotional anxiety, cramps, colic, skin conditions, insomnia, oversensitivity and moodiness.


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With uses dating back to the Middle Ages, Clary Sage essential oil includes relaxing and soothing properties. May assist with period pain, asthma, anxiety, stress, nervous tensions, menopause and oily skin.


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Cypress is an excellent oil to help reduce stress and tension and help calm the nervous system. May assist with haemorrhoids, acne, oily skin, asthma, weight loss, cellulite, emotional changes, smelly feet.


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Eucalyptus is known for its cleansing, energizing, refreshing and easing qualities. May assist with colds, flu, asthma, muscle aches, immune boost, headaches, nervous tension, burns, blisters, cuts, and insect repellant.


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Frankincense is deeply comforting, taken from the resin of the tree it has a smooth and penetrating aroma that has been used for centuries. May assist with asthma, bronchitis, anxiety, nervous tension, stress, fears, nightmares, meditation, dry skin, scars and wrinkles.


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Geranium brings about a balance with its refreshing floral aroma. May assist with emotional challenges, anxiety, depression, hormone imbalance, menopause, fatigue, exhaustion and workaholics.


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Ginger is a wonderful circulatory stimulant and tonic of the heart. May assist with digestion, bruises, cold hands and feet, nausea, travel sickness, vomiting, muscle aches and emotional disconnectedness.


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Grapefruit is cooling, cleansing, uplifting and reviving. May assist with oily skin, acne, weight loss, cellulite, liver tonic, lethargy, negativity, depression, irritability and headaches.


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A very precious oil used throughout time for grounding and stabilising. May assist with bruises, scar tissue, skin tone, detoxification, eczema, rash, arthritis, sinus, coughs, colds and muscle ache.


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Known to support emotional dilemmas and depression Jasmine is also the ultimate oil to use in labour, for giving birth and post-natally. May assist with emotional dilemmas, nervous anxiety, stress, fear, stretch marks, dry skin, period pain and labour.


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Juniper has always played a wonderful medicinal role throughout history particularly as one of the best detoxifying oils. May assist with mental clarity, negative energy, muscle aches, oedema, swelling, cellulite, oily skin, acne and insect repellent.