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'Chemical Free Self-Care' is an online course that will help you understand the impact of harmful chemicals found in the products we use every day and guide you on how you can limit your chemical exposure.


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Have you ever been confused about how to use essential oils? Can we use them during pregnancy, are they safe around children, what's an inhalation, are they safe to ingest? Essential Oils 101 is an online course that aims to address those questions and so much more.


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Do you feel overwhelmed by the huge variety of essential oils? Are you thinking of investing in some essential oils but don’t know where to start? Maybe you are already an Aromatherapist that wants to know how to choose the perfect oil without reaching for the textbook? Our new online course teaches you different ways to choose the right essential oils including

  • Muscle testing
  • Dowsing with a pendulum
  • Using the Aromacards
  • Trusting your intuition
Written and facilitated by Aromatherapist Kim Morrison and Kinesiologist Elizabeth Hughes, this beautifully illustrated full colour manual includes 16 videos, scan charts of essential oils and methods of application and lots of tips to get the best from your essential oils.