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Congratulations please enjoy a copy of my eBook Like Chocolate For Women all about how to indulge and recharge using essential oils. Plus a copy of my Manifesto For Living which I suggest you print off and laminate then stick on your bathroom wall. Every morning as you dress either read the whole thing or […]

Women Reinvention Summit

Congratulations! Hi there and congratulations on listening in to the Women Reinvention Summit. It was a treat to be involved in this Summit and it is my absolute pleasure to gift to you a copy of my eBook ~ Like Chocolate For Women. All you need to do is fill out your details below so it can […]

The Art of Self Love Workshop – Adelaide Nov 2019

It is well know that if the woman of the house is happy and healthy, life runs pretty smoothly for everyone else! If that is not the case, this one day workshop could be the time for you to reset, recharge and re-energize and put you back in the drivers seat. And yes, one day is all it takes!

Eco Tan Cacao Tanning Mousse


Eco Tan’s self tanning mousse, Cacao Tanning Mousse, is your new go to certified organic product for a luxurious deep bronze tan. Without the need for the suns damaging rays! Eco Tan’s latest self tanner in their natural tanning range, Cacao Tanning Mousse, is incredibly quick and easy to apply and in just one application, you can create your ultimate deep bronze tan! Best of all, Eco Tan’s self tanning mousse is a lightweight formulation that glides over your skin and dries quickly. It is also vegan and cruelty free!


Eco Tan Face Tan Water

Face Tan Water™ is a gradual liquid self tanning toner. An organic self tan in Eco Tan’s range specifically created for face, neck and décolletage! Face Tan Water™ builds to a beautiful glow, creates a youthful radiance and even reduces the need to wear foundation!